Creating your unique wedding day

In your twenties and thirties, weddings seem to come in waves. You will go months or a year without any weddings. Next thing you know, you are invited to three in a row. What if this time, your wedding is one of those three invitations? How will you make your wedding unique? Fortunately for you, there are many choices available.

Details are very important to you and why shouldnt they be? The problem is knowing where to start. The ceremony and reception locations should be at the very top of your list. Continue reading “Creating your unique wedding day”

How to Plan a Bachelor Party

So, its THAT time in life! You are the one getting married and planning your final bash, or the one theyve picked to plan and throw it! Lets say its the latter. Somehow, I find it easier to believe the groom wouldnt want to deal with such things but just enjoy the benefits of a well-planned celebration.

Even thought the lightness the title suggests you wont have to deal with much organizing and planning, truth is there is plenty of work youll have to wrap your head around.

To avoid throwing the most uneventful and boring party, Ill give you some suggestions that will surely help. Continue reading “How to Plan a Bachelor Party”

Destination Wedding Checklist

Are you excited about planning your destination wedding? There are so many things to think about that you might begin to feel overwhelmed. The truth is that a destination wedding is harder to plan, but as long as you keep a checklist you will stay on track and create the most memorable wedding that you can imagine!

– Choose a destination and find out the marriage requirements
– Create a Budget
– Decide what type of ceremony you would like, the size, the formality of your wedding, and the time of year
– Choose a date
– Possibly purchase Wedding Insurance
– Speak with and decide on the wedding planner you will use (if you plan too)
– Contact the venues that interest you and ask for their proposals
– If you can, visit those venues and meet the vendors, do food and cake tastings, etc.
– Reserve your venue
– Select the members of your bridal party
– Begin shopping for your wedding gown
– Launch a wedding website with all of your wedding details
– Compile a guest list
– Send out your “Save-the Date” cards
– Start a wedding binder to hold all of your paperwork, magazine clippings, and thoughts whatever you might need while you are planning your big event

– Book a block of hotel rooms for your guests
– Decide on your music and book a DJ or band
– Choose a photographer and/or videographer
– Find an officiant
– Look into any local customs or traditions that you may want to include in your wedding
– Select your menu and wedding cake
– Design your flowers
-Create your registry
– Shop for your bridesmaids dresses style and color
– Buy your wedding accessories
– Plan your honeymoon if you decide to go to a different destination

– Order your invitations
– Purchase your rings
– Prepare your paperwork for traveling make sure you have your passports, visas and whatever else you might need
– If they are required have your blood tests and vaccines taken care of
– Arrange transportation for your guests for their arrivals as well as the wedding day Limos, taxis, buses
– Book your flights you will want to arrive at least three to four days before your wedding day
– Order wedding decorations and favors and decide how they will arrive at your destination
– Buy grooms attire
– Make sure your bridal party has ordered their dresses and attire
– Start a play list of your favorite songs to be played at your wedding
– Plan the pre-wedding events and activities such as welcome reception, daily excursions, and the rehearsal dinner

– Send your invitations
– Write your wedding vows
– Choose your wedding readings, ceremony music, and ceremony order
– Check to make sure your guests are booking their trip without any problems with flights and hotels
– Write a “Welcome Letter” and put together “Welcome Bags”
– Buy gifts for the groom, bridal party, parents, etc.
– Have your final gown fitting
– Decide how your gown will arrive at your destination will you have it delivered or will you travel with it yourself

– Confirm all details of your wedding with the venue, officiant, vendors, DJ, hotel, etc.
– Make your seating chart and place cards
– Design a ceremony program if you plan to have one
– Confirm your travel plans flights, hotels, etc.
– Check over your guest list to make sure you have everyones itinerary and have made arrangements for their arrivals

– Start packing pack strategically and ask families members to help carry anything you might not have room for. Continue reading “Destination Wedding Checklist”

The Green Bride

The Green BrideWhen most people think of their wedding day, ideas of conservation and other environmentally friendly practices seem far removed. However, many eco-conscious brides and grooms view a “green” wedding as a way for them to showcase their passion and have loved ones become involved. While still enjoying the wedding of their dreams, there are many ways a couple can choose to be “green” on their big day. Lets take a look at an eco-friendly weddings Who, What, WEAR & How

Interested in creating an intimate environment? Keep your guest list to your closest relatives and friends. Continue reading “The Green Bride”

Using Wedding Resources that are LGBT Wedding Friendly

Whether you’re straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, LGBT weddings not only have the same stress level as heterosexual weddings, but there is an added potential for additional strain in planning your perfect LGBT wedding.

It is a reality of our society that even though the general public has become more accepting of the LGBT community in more recent years, there is still prejudice in sectors against anyone different.

Prejudice is prejudice, and it is hurtful, something you do not need to experience if possible during a time in your life in which you are planning the start of your new life with a spouse.

In planning a wedding, you will undoubtedly utilize resources for flowers, dcor, linens, food, etc. Continue reading “Using Wedding Resources that are LGBT Wedding Friendly”