Helping Angry children

Anger has its benefits, it gives us a source of energy, of release and in some cases even acknowledgement and attention. However anger is a great mask, especially in children. It is a process they use for communicating that which they cannot verbally say, perhaps because they have not yet acquired the language or communication skills to be able to do so, perhaps because although they have the skills to articulate what they need to say, a kind of emotional or mental blockage prevents them from doing it. Continue reading “Helping Angry children”

3 Important Interview Skills You Must Learn

Your experience and track record is very important to companies, but there are three very important interview skills you must master to be successful in any interview.

The 3 important interview skills you must master are:

1) Your knowledge of the Company
2) Establishing commonality with the interviewer
2) Positive attitude throughout the interview

All three of these interview skills are totally within your control.

When youre interviewing there are some things within your control and some things that are not. Continue reading “3 Important Interview Skills You Must Learn”

Importance Of Children’s Dramatic Play

Children’s play is often referred to as “children’s work”. Play time is more than fun and entertainment. It helps develop their mental and physical skills. This process starts when they are babies. Parents, teachers and care-givers help this process by choosing age related toys and activities for children. Obviously there’s a large variety from which to choose. Dramatic play is one of these choices.

Dramatic play is commonly known as dress-up time. It is sometimes called symbolic, imitative, or pretend play. Continue reading “Importance Of Children’s Dramatic Play”

What’s The Best ‘Do It Yourself’ Home Business?

Choosing to become an home business owner is one thing. But choosing which home business model you should follow is another.

One thing is for sure though. Whatever business model you do choose, it has to be online. That’s not as scary as it might sound. Getting a website online is much easier than you think.

The internet offers you the widest possible market for your chosen industry or niche and will work for all day and night.

What Are Your Skills?

Spend some time thinking about your objectives and skills and what you find yourself being pulled toward. Continue reading “What’s The Best ‘Do It Yourself’ Home Business?”

Parents Help Their Children Grow Through Play

Parents Help Their Children Grow Through PlayParents help children start learning from the time they are born. They choose the toys, especially learning toys, which help their children grow physically, mentally and socially. They also help children develop motor and manipulation skills, imagination, and creativity.

Babies start learning as soon as they are born. In a short period of time they are reacting to toys that parents are offering them. Continue reading “Parents Help Their Children Grow Through Play”