Thinking of Retiring, or Just Want Some Exra Income? Why Not Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants?

Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants!

Most people think that retirement will be a reward after a lifetime of hard work. However, we must ask ourselves, will we really have the time to read, to potter about the garden, play golf, go fishing or travel the world? After all, we deserve it don’t we? We’ve worked our socks off, saved, and maybe even built up a nest egg. Then again, you may think, what about low-interest rates, the national economy, and rising inflation; will we really be able to live the life of ease that we envisioned, when we retire? Or, will we still just be slaving away, just trying to make some extra money to make ends meet?

It’s a well-known fact that all governments know, when people retire they stop paying taxes, and they’ll usually require more health care. Continue reading “Thinking of Retiring, or Just Want Some Exra Income? Why Not Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants?”

What’s The Best ‘Do It Yourself’ Home Business?

Choosing to become an home business owner is one thing. But choosing which home business model you should follow is another.

One thing is for sure though. Whatever business model you do choose, it has to be online. That’s not as scary as it might sound. Getting a website online is much easier than you think.

The internet offers you the widest possible market for your chosen industry or niche and will work for all day and night.

What Are Your Skills?

Spend some time thinking about your objectives and skills and what you find yourself being pulled toward. Continue reading “What’s The Best ‘Do It Yourself’ Home Business?”

Self-Driven Vehicles Testing Guidelines Tightened

The different advancements in technology have not spared the auto world. We have witnessed several inventions that have made driving more safe and convenient. Vehicles are being fitted with ultra-modern devices that alert drivers when they sense an object or any form of collisions. Other devices can also help fleet managers track vehicles and also monitor driving habits. EyeRide has some of these devices that aid in fleet management and improve road safety.

We have also witnessed the introduction of self-driven vehicles that do not need any human assistance or operation. Continue reading “Self-Driven Vehicles Testing Guidelines Tightened”

A First Look at Aspergers: for Kids & Teens

There are many different types of bodies and many different types of brains!

People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Part of growing up is learning what you need to do for your type of body. For example, if you were allergic to peanuts, you would need to learn to eat in a special way.

Although you usually cannot tell by looking, peoples brains are also very different. It doesnt mean that one brain is better than another brain; it just means it is different.

For example, Becky might have a brain that makes it easy to learn math, but hard to learn to play ball. Continue reading “A First Look at Aspergers: for Kids & Teens”