Studying In Australia Can Shape Ones Career In A Better Way

Today, young generation has countless options regarding their higher studies, about which country provides better education with the best universities. Students today are travelling all across their own country to get a better education that in long run, can give a better shape to their career. It’s a very smart choice for students to Study in Australia where one can find international study programs. Australia is one of the countries, where thousands of students come and be a part of an educational system with the growing modern and democratic society every year. Continue reading “Studying In Australia Can Shape Ones Career In A Better Way”

Meters to Feet Conversion Information

Meters to Feet Conversion Information

Both meters and feet are common units of length used in many mathematical statistics. An understanding of each unit of measurement will help one appreciate the application of converting one unit to the other.

The System Internationale or the Metric System

The metric system, as the name implies, uses the unit “meter” as its standard for length measurement. As such, other units of length in the metric system are a multiple or a fraction of a meter. Continue reading “Meters to Feet Conversion Information”

Mysterious, Moving, Magnetic North Pole – Cause – Consequence – Florida Airport Runway Closure!

Slowly but steadily, planet Earth’s northern magnetic pole seems to be drifting towards Russia – the recent consequences of which has been the impacting of commercial flights above Florida, forcing closure of air-field runways at Tampa.

Earth’s magnetic fields change relatively slowly, explains the FAA, being marked out at 10 degree increments. The magnetic field has swung from approximately 10 degrees east 300 years ago, to 25 degrees west in the early 19th century. It is now swinging back, presently at 3 degrees west.

Tampa International Airport was forced to readjust its runways in early January, 2011, because of the magnetic field movement, closing its primary runway for a week to change taxiway signs. Continue reading “Mysterious, Moving, Magnetic North Pole – Cause – Consequence – Florida Airport Runway Closure!”