How to Become a Consultant

One of the options available in your business is to take your valuable expertise and step into the role of a consultant.

Being a consultant is essentially taking what you know and appropriately applying it to the client’s situation to give informed advice.

When I work with a client to build revenue in their business, or even to determine what business they want to start, I always turn the process at some point to leverage.

The idea of leverage is pretty simple: how do you make use of what and who you already know? In the context of skills and experience, what is it in that mix that you can utilize for your and your business’ best advantage?

One way to do that is to become a consultant.

You may already have built a lot of expertise in your career. Continue reading “How to Become a Consultant”

What does a consultant do?

In any business, if the services of a strategy consultant are required, the person responsible for hiring business consultancy services will need to demonstrate a return on investment and show whether the hired consultants are worth the money they are paid. So how does one hire a credible consultant who will deliver visible results?

Firstly, have a detailed plan of the project; scope out every aspect of the project and set expectations for each. These expectations have to be explained clearly to the strategy consultant from the start itself. Continue reading “What does a consultant do?”