What Can We Expect from the 2nd Generation Nissan Juke Crossover?

The Nissan Juke 2018 has been a moderate success here in Australia, where the market has a real hunger for SUV and crossover vehicles. This is a hotly contested segment with a great deal of competition for sales. The Juke is a great crossover, but it has failed to make the inroads that Nissan would have expected here. Nissan has decided to change this with a second generation Nissan Juke model. Lets take a closer look at what this latest Juke incarnation has to offer the crossover buyer.

Different Yet Distinctive

The global head of Nissan design is Alfonso Albaisa, and he is quite clear that the second generation Juke will look quite different, yet it will still be distinctive. Continue reading “What Can We Expect from the 2nd Generation Nissan Juke Crossover?”

Moving Out of Michigan, Childhood Obesity and Custody

Moving Out of Michigan, Childhood Obesity and CustodyAs a family law practitioner in Oakland County, Michigan, I read every divorce case decided by the Michigan Court of Appeals. The case of Chochrane v Cochrane, (unpublished) Michigan Court of Appeals Docket No. 312572, February 14, 2013, addressed moving a child out of Michigan as part of the initial divorce case and a change of custody where it involved a child with obesity issues. Continue reading “Moving Out of Michigan, Childhood Obesity and Custody”

The Mystery of Time Travel – Fact or Fiction

The Mystery of Time Travel - Fact or Fiction

Time is one of the most strange matters in the whole universe. Time cannot be controlled, it cannot be reversed, it cannot be forwarded. But what if we could do that. It would be great and wonderful. We could change the past,we could change the future. We could do whatever we want. But we ask ourselves again “is it really possible?” Well modern physics doesn’t disallow it. Continue reading “The Mystery of Time Travel – Fact or Fiction”

Tips for parents of twins/multiples

Giving birth to twins or multiples can be both a blessing and a challenge. I am amazed at how many people will stop me to tell me how cute they are and even how lucky I am to have two. One little boy in the grocery store even asked how did I get two, to which I replied “they were on sale”.

I haven’t always felt lucky, especially when my boys didn’t let me sleep for the first 9 months and I felt up to my ears in dirty diapers and dirty laundry. It hasn’t always been stressful though. I love when my now-three-year-old twins climb up in my lap and give me a group hug and tell me they love me. Continue reading “Tips for parents of twins/multiples”

Discovering the Applications of Infrared Spectrometer

Have you ever heard about infrared spectrometer? This instrument is mostly applied in various aspects of science and technology, especially in chemistry and medical field. In addition, it is also used in forensic and crime analysis. Now let’s explore your knowledge on this instrument with the paragraphs below.

Sometimes you will hear the term of ‘infrared spectroscopy’ for this instrument. It is basically used to identify various substances, depending on their ability to absorb infrared wavelengths. Continue reading “Discovering the Applications of Infrared Spectrometer”