Emotional Damage to Obese Children

Aside from the physical health risks posed to obese children, the emotional risks are obvious. Anyone who thinks that it is the responsibility of other children to become more tolerant is probably morally correct, though living in an unachievable fantasy.

Children cannot help but say what they see, whether said with malicious intent or not, if they notice a child in their class who is overweight, it will at some stage be mentioned.

Of course we can argue that a better and easier solution to the childhood obesity epidemic is to emotionally resource the obese child so that they have self esteem and confidence to such high levels, their emotional resilience cannot be fractured by the taunts of their peers. Continue reading “Emotional Damage to Obese Children”

The Mystery of Time Travel – Fact or Fiction

The Mystery of Time Travel - Fact or Fiction

Time is one of the most strange matters in the whole universe. Time cannot be controlled, it cannot be reversed, it cannot be forwarded. But what if we could do that. It would be great and wonderful. We could change the past,we could change the future. We could do whatever we want. But we ask ourselves again “is it really possible?” Well modern physics doesn’t disallow it. Continue reading “The Mystery of Time Travel – Fact or Fiction”