Dealing with Teenage Anger

Dealing with Teenage AngerWe can all remember being in that weird period of time between childhood and adulthood and for some young people, this transitioning time is particularly testing.

There are all sorts of changes happening – physical, hormonal and even additional pressures academically which stress out teenagers. It would be easy to attribute anger and outbursts to these alone, and in some cases it might be accurate to do so, however repeated unreasonable reactions from your teenager could indicate that there are other reasons behind their emotions that can be resolved. Continue reading “Dealing with Teenage Anger”

Who Were the Neanderthals?

The lost species of who may be our possible ancestors is still being researched and debated today. They were said to have lived from as long as 200,000 years ago to as close as 25,000 years ago in Europe and Southwest Asia. Believed to have been cave dwellers, this species had to physically and culturally adapt to the ice age conditions.

Nearly two centuries ago, the first fossils of these creatures were found in Western Europe. Due to the lack of documents it wasn’t until 1856 when the first known remains of a skull and skeleton were found by workers in a cave deposit in the small Neander River Valley near Dsseldorf, Germany. Continue reading “Who Were the Neanderthals?”

What Is The Theory of Evolution?

What Is The Theory of Evolution?

People have always wondered who we are, where we came from, and how we came to be. Scholars argue that we are the descendents of an unknown common ancestor to the ape and that we are closely related to them as well. Others argue that we came to be based on the teachings in the Bible. In any case the evolution theory provides a good argument which gives people the benefit of the doubt, but at the same time doesn’t connect anyway to what is normally religiously practiced.

The theory of evolution has been argued by scholars for many years. Continue reading “What Is The Theory of Evolution?”

The Counterpoint Of Logic And Intuition

The Counterpoint Of Logic And Intuition

What is intuition? What do we mean when we say we have a hunch? Certainly, intuition is not just a guess. And although I’m not sure how the brain works, I’m sure intuition is not analogous to some weird runaway algorithm of the brain. Nor do I for one believe it to be some extrasensory power that lets you peer into the future or see facts hidden by psychic walls.

Like counterpoint in a piece of classical music, I believe that somewhere in our brains logic and intuition are constantly echoing and reinforcing each other into a melodic tapestry of thought that precedes action.

Logic, at the forefront of thought, is loud and unmistakable. Continue reading “The Counterpoint Of Logic And Intuition”