Learn About the Hubble Space Telescope

Space Telescope

Hundreds of miles above Earth, floats the Hubble telescope with an unparalleled view across the universe. For over two decades, the Hubble Space Telescope has been making discoveries that are some of the most important and far-reaching of all time. Although it’s in a low-Earth orbit, this location high above the blurring effects of the atmosphere gives an amazing vantage point for digging into the mysteries of our universe.

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From the extremely rare comet strikes on Jupiter’s surface in 1994, to the birth of stars and the formations of Black Holes, the Hubble telescope has made possible the viewing of many amazing things. Continue reading “Learn About the Hubble Space Telescope”

The Counterpoint Of Logic And Intuition

The Counterpoint Of Logic And Intuition

What is intuition? What do we mean when we say we have a hunch? Certainly, intuition is not just a guess. And although I’m not sure how the brain works, I’m sure intuition is not analogous to some weird runaway algorithm of the brain. Nor do I for one believe it to be some extrasensory power that lets you peer into the future or see facts hidden by psychic walls.

Like counterpoint in a piece of classical music, I believe that somewhere in our brains logic and intuition are constantly echoing and reinforcing each other into a melodic tapestry of thought that precedes action.

Logic, at the forefront of thought, is loud and unmistakable. Continue reading “The Counterpoint Of Logic And Intuition”

Discovering the Applications of Infrared Spectrometer

Have you ever heard about infrared spectrometer? This instrument is mostly applied in various aspects of science and technology, especially in chemistry and medical field. In addition, it is also used in forensic and crime analysis. Now let’s explore your knowledge on this instrument with the paragraphs below.

Sometimes you will hear the term of ‘infrared spectroscopy’ for this instrument. It is basically used to identify various substances, depending on their ability to absorb infrared wavelengths. Continue reading “Discovering the Applications of Infrared Spectrometer”