Types of Inheritance in Medical Genetics II – X-Linked Recessive and Dominant Inheritance

From the first part of this article, inheritance in Medical genetics can be divided into four kinds. Autosomal Recessive and Dominant types and X-linked recessive and Dominant types. The Autosomal types, both the recessive and dominant have been discussed in previous articles. Now let’s talk about the X-linked or rather sex-related type of inheritance.

X-linked recessive inheritance
1. There is ‘oblique’ transmission, i.e, in the pedigree, a line drawn through the affected persons is oblique.
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Medical Degree – What Jobs Can I Get With One?

Whether you are currently studying for a medical degree or if you contemplating it in the near future and you are interested in finding out what kinds career paths are available to you once you graduate, then read on as we’ll discussing your options. If you are nearing the end of your course and unsure whether you want a career as a nurse or doctor after being put off during work placement in a busy hospital then you may be interested to see what else is available.

For those students on medical degree courses who do not wish to pursue a career path in a hospital environment there are a number of options open to them depending upon the economy and the availability of jobs that is.

Medical Degree Career Route Choices

If you are about to graduate from a medical degree course then other than becoming a doctor or nurse you may also be interested in pursuing one the following medical related career paths:


If you have a keen interest in oral hygiene and have good people skills you may be interested in a career as a dentist either for the N.H.S or within private dentistry practice. Continue reading “Medical Degree – What Jobs Can I Get With One?”

Nutraceutical Sciences – What Are They?

Understanding the technical jargon that is used by some industries can often be quite difficult for a lay person however this doesn’t mean that intrinsically they are hard to understand. The food supplement industry alongside other forms of similar products are collectively known in industry as the nutraceutical sciences, the etymology of which stems from two base words in the English language; nutrient and pharmaceutical.

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What Is The Theory of Evolution?

What Is The Theory of Evolution?

People have always wondered who we are, where we came from, and how we came to be. Scholars argue that we are the descendents of an unknown common ancestor to the ape and that we are closely related to them as well. Others argue that we came to be based on the teachings in the Bible. In any case the evolution theory provides a good argument which gives people the benefit of the doubt, but at the same time doesn’t connect anyway to what is normally religiously practiced.

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Idiosyncrasies Of Indian Traditions

Idiosyncrasies Of Indian Traditions

There are many beliefs in India due to spiritual traditions that have transcended their intended purpose. Most of these beliefs have become common place that is followed enmasse and do not have any reason to be so. Here are some common beliefs and the reasons as to why they are misconceptions that should not be practised by the people.

Belief: Hair must not be cut on Tuesdays.
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HSC Physics – Tips for Success

HSC Physics - Tips for Success

Doing well in HSC Physics requires a good mix of different skills. You’ll mainly need to be great at understanding physical concepts, understanding their impacts on society / environmental issues, being able to form cohesive arguments to support your answers, and command some basic maths skill. There’s already a tonne of articles on the blog or forum posts dealing the more conventional study tips, so we thought we might cover some often missed points on the subject. Continue reading “HSC Physics – Tips for Success”

Anatomy and Physiology Questions and Answers – Pass Your Exams

Anatomy and Physiology is a very difficult subject that causes a lot of frustration and anxiety in most students. The end of year exams can be a very overwhelming time. The good news is that you can pass your exams quite easily, you just need to be prepared.

The most important skill that you will require when preparing for your exams is the need to memorize and memorize well. There are so many terms that you will need to learn such as names of bones, muscle names, glands, arteries, veins plus many more.

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Learn About the Hubble Space Telescope

Space Telescope

Hundreds of miles above Earth, floats the Hubble telescope with an unparalleled view across the universe. For over two decades, the Hubble Space Telescope has been making discoveries that are some of the most important and far-reaching of all time. Although it’s in a low-Earth orbit, this location high above the blurring effects of the atmosphere gives an amazing vantage point for digging into the mysteries of our universe.

One of Kind Images

From the extremely rare comet strikes on Jupiter’s surface in 1994, to the birth of stars and the formations of Black Holes, the Hubble telescope has made possible the viewing of many amazing things. Continue reading “Learn About the Hubble Space Telescope”

The Counterpoint Of Logic And Intuition

The Counterpoint Of Logic And Intuition

What is intuition? What do we mean when we say we have a hunch? Certainly, intuition is not just a guess. And although I’m not sure how the brain works, I’m sure intuition is not analogous to some weird runaway algorithm of the brain. Nor do I for one believe it to be some extrasensory power that lets you peer into the future or see facts hidden by psychic walls.

Like counterpoint in a piece of classical music, I believe that somewhere in our brains logic and intuition are constantly echoing and reinforcing each other into a melodic tapestry of thought that precedes action.

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Discovering the Applications of Infrared Spectrometer

Have you ever heard about infrared spectrometer? This instrument is mostly applied in various aspects of science and technology, especially in chemistry and medical field. In addition, it is also used in forensic and crime analysis. Now let’s explore your knowledge on this instrument with the paragraphs below.

Sometimes you will hear the term of ‘infrared spectroscopy’ for this instrument. It is basically used to identify various substances, depending on their ability to absorb infrared wavelengths. Continue reading “Discovering the Applications of Infrared Spectrometer”