Help Save My Marriage: How to save your marriage when its only you making attempts to see it last

The fact that there are 100s and 1000s of people who do not give a hoot about marriage, love or having a soul mate does not mean people like you who do have one should pay the least attention to it; especially when it appears breakup, divorce or its total collapse is eminent.

The fact that you are desperate to save your marriage even when it is just you alone who is working overtime to see it mend is indeed a big encouraging factor to reckon with.

As opposed to what the telltale signs within your marriage are already it is good to know that you can successfully save your marriage.

However, you must be prepared to do all it takes to make your efforts and attempts pay off with rich dividends.

Is it not a twist of fate that something so beautiful, so involving, so loving, so romantic and highly resourceful should be faced with various challenges that seek to end it at every turn?

In any case, it is good to have you know that both of you have a dual responsibility to make your marriage work, last, be beneficial and as a matter of fact enjoyable to both parties involved (meaning yourselves).

The start point to truly saving your marriage from collapse stems from the fact that you know beyond any reasonable doubt it is worthy of being salvaged.

This singular factor trumps virtually any excuse or reason either of you might have to see it end up in breakup or divorce.

Another quick one to take to heart is that do not for the love of your life presume saving your marriage especially in a situation where you are the only partner making efforts to see it last will be an easy walk over; youve got a fight in your hands and it is most definitely not against your spouse.

Rather, it is against whatever it is that is making desperate efforts to see your marriage crumble.

Even though there are tons of resources available i.e. all around you one task you have ahead of you is being able to identify the particular one that can be deployed to your rescue and that of your marriage.

This wont be easy but it is good to have an ample supply of I can do it and Id never give up outlook and disposition i.e. as you progress in your quest for help and a lasting solution.

You are finally on to a good start to save your marriage if you arent really particular about taking credit as the partner who went all out to seek help and a lasting solution to see your troubled marriage mend.