COG LCD display Replacement

LCDsare often supplied as LCD moduleswhich have built-in driver circuitry that simplifies installation and improves reliability. However, the addition of packaged driver circuitry in Instrument Clusters LCD modules also results in a number of disadvantages because it:

Increases the thickness of the display
Raises the costs
Creates greater vulnerability for failures of the modules
All of these drawbacks are important considerations when it comes to displays for industrial, automotive and portable equipment. Continue reading “COG LCD display Replacement”

Teens and Drugs – The Problem Continues

Teens and DrugsThe Problem Continues

In December 2011, The National Institute On Drug Addiction had some good news and some not-so-good news. The good news was that more teens are making wiser choices concerning not to smoke or drink alcohol. The not-so-good news is that a different group of teens are choosing to use marijuana and prescription drugs without batting an eye.

Cigarettes and Alcohol:

For teens 14-16 years of age, smoking has declined! Thats optimistic news! However, almost 29% of 17-18 year olds remain steady smokers. Continue reading “Teens and Drugs – The Problem Continues”

3 Tips to Get Your Peugeot 2008 Ready for Winter

The Peugeot 2008 is an excellent car for driving in the city and out on the open highway. Like many modern cars, it has active safety features that could help to avoid a collision, and its safer for the occupants than an older car would be. Despite this, any car can be affected by colder weather conditions particularly snow. Getting your car ready for the winter will go a long way in keeping you safe in colder conditions, especially if you’re tackling winter sports. Here are three tips that will make sure that youre prepared for driving during the winter months.

1. Continue reading “3 Tips to Get Your Peugeot 2008 Ready for Winter”

Biodiesel Supplies Guide

Biodiesel Supplies GuideAre you ready to stop paying such ridiculously high prices for diesel and start making your own for a fraction of what it costs to buy at the pump? You are probably not surprised that many people are already doing this with Biodiesel supplies they are buying and making themselves. Homemade fuel is easier to make than you may think and it will save you so much money in the long run you will be wondering why you did not begin making your own fuel years ago.

Do you know what biodiesel is? It is a product made from Methanol and an organic oil with fatty acid chains in it. Continue reading “Biodiesel Supplies Guide”

Top 9 Online Jobs & Part Time Work From Home For College Students, Housewives & Freshers

Most people have certain unique skills that can be monetized. Also, you can re-skill yourself anytime nowadays. After starting to do these part time online works from home, your income would increase.

You can become a successful businessman / woman and increase your income and profits by starting these types of online businesses. These business ventures require little or no investment.

You can operate and sustain many of these business activities from your home. Even, if you are already employed, you can operate a small business. Continue reading “Top 9 Online Jobs & Part Time Work From Home For College Students, Housewives & Freshers”

The white van: then and now

The white van man has always been recognised in society but what are the origins of this stereotype? Originally, white vans were chosen for practical reasons. They were often chosen to transport food from location to location because they were the most efficient at keeping the produce cool before fridges were available in vans. However, now, more companies are choosing different colour vans, or having their vehicle wrapped to advertise their business and ensure they stand out on the road against competitors. Continue reading “The white van: then and now”

Ways to Make Money Online at Home

There are many methods that you can use so as to work from home. The internet offers great potential in this area and more and more people are enjoying lucrative returns from online ventures. A home based business offers great comfort, especially when it supplies you with the kind of returns that you may have always wanted. Some of the things that you can engage in may be long-term or short term and they include:

Writing and selling EBooks

If your writing is great and you have great prose, then you may consider writing an eBook. Continue reading “Ways to Make Money Online at Home”

Your Kids Playroom/Bedroom

Do you have a separate kids playroom? Or is it combined with the bedroom?
There are many designs, groupings and decorating ideas for this very important part of your house. Whether you own or rent your home, you will still be faced with making these rooms inviting for your kids. There are a lot of things to consider when decorating these rooms.

These rooms can be done on a budget or be an expensive undertaking. You will need to determine what you think it will cost. Then you can start looking for ideas. Continue reading “Your Kids Playroom/Bedroom”

Are You Looking For Work Now? The Holiday Season Can Be A Dark Place To Be Without A Job

Are You Looking For Work Now? The Holiday Season Can Be A Dark Place To Be Without A Job

How many times have you tried looking for work or applying for a job but found yourself unemployed because companies are now winding down for the holiday season?

If you are unemployed, then the holiday season can be a dark place to be. You could be balancing your cash flow, expenses, family commitments, and Christmas gift buying.

It’s generally known that hiring managers in most industries will start winding down recruitment and hiring tasks from November onwards until January or February when these tasks start to pick up again.

Here are some actions you can take.

Be flexible

The holiday season can be a great reason to reach out to friends and acquaintances. Continue reading “Are You Looking For Work Now? The Holiday Season Can Be A Dark Place To Be Without A Job”

A Brief Comparison Review: The Peugeot 5008 vs. The Skoda Kodiaq

The Peugeot 5008 is a welcome addition to the SUV market segment here in Australia. The rich feature set, European styling and extensive equipment fitted as standard have garnered the brand a host of Australian fans in a short period of time. However, in order to gain more significant market share, the French car maker will have to win sales from other brands. Another up and coming brand here is Skoda, and they have also been making inroads into a market dominated by Japanese and Korean vehicles until recently. Continue reading “A Brief Comparison Review: The Peugeot 5008 vs. The Skoda Kodiaq”