The Green Bride

The Green BrideWhen most people think of their wedding day, ideas of conservation and other environmentally friendly practices seem far removed. However, many eco-conscious brides and grooms view a “green” wedding as a way for them to showcase their passion and have loved ones become involved. While still enjoying the wedding of their dreams, there are many ways a couple can choose to be “green” on their big day. Lets take a look at an eco-friendly weddings Who, What, WEAR & How

Interested in creating an intimate environment? Keep your guest list to your closest relatives and friends. Continue reading “The Green Bride”

Family Violence More Likely To Occur In Homes With Kids

Family Violence More Likely To Occur In Homes With KidsFamily violence is more likely to occur in couples with children, often commencing in pregnancy, which means children may be exposed to physical harm from a very young age. It has been estimated that about one third of pregnant women are affected by domestic violence.

Experts say that pregnancy can bring stress to a relationship, which is a trigger for an abusive partner. Continue reading “Family Violence More Likely To Occur In Homes With Kids”

Meters to Feet Conversion Information

Meters to Feet Conversion Information

Both meters and feet are common units of length used in many mathematical statistics. An understanding of each unit of measurement will help one appreciate the application of converting one unit to the other.

The System Internationale or the Metric System

The metric system, as the name implies, uses the unit “meter” as its standard for length measurement. As such, other units of length in the metric system are a multiple or a fraction of a meter. Continue reading “Meters to Feet Conversion Information”

Blocks of ABC

Blocks of ABCA common notion amongst both parents and educationists is that the children, nowadays, play too many video games and watch too much of TV. The notion is sadly true, so what do you do? Give your children puzzles to play with-they will not only help them cultivate essential skills but will also help them develop their visual, aural and verbal senses and improve creativity and analytical thinking. The results will be that your child will have improved coordination and a high level of creativity.

When you offer your children that vividly painted chunky wood ABC puzzle (in Danish abc puslespil), you will find that they will not only have a wonderful time learning from them but will also begin devising new ways to play with them. Continue reading “Blocks of ABC”

DNA Testing – How Is It Really Used in Our Society Today?

DNA testing is done to get important information or facts about crimes, to prove the guilt or innocence of someone or for tracing family ancestry. It is also used widely for genetic testing and for paternity testing. Given below are the various ways in which it is used in our society today.

Forensic Science

DNA testing or fingerprinting is widely used for forensic science today. This type of test is used to find a suspect in a crime case by using samples of hair, blood, saliva etc. Continue reading “DNA Testing – How Is It Really Used in Our Society Today?”

Building Block Toys For Kids

All kids love Blocks. There are many different kinds of blocks on the market: small, large, colorful, interlocking, different shapes, wood, metal, foam and plastic. Even though blocks are a simple toy, they are an essential, effective, developmental and educational tool for kids.

Soft toy blocks are introduced to kids when they are babies because they are light-weight, colorful, safe, and they are usually larger for easier handling. Babies learn motor skills by grasping and picking up blocks and this strengthens their fingers. Continue reading “Building Block Toys For Kids”

Rolling With Slipping

This article is a continuation of “Teaching Rolling Motion”. A description of the notation I use can be found in still another article “Teaching Rotational Dynamics”. In the rolling motion article, I analyzed the motion of a sphere rolling down an incline. I assumed no slipping and then determined what condition that assumption imposed on the coefficient of static friction. This article describes a situation for which that condition is not satisfied – so slipping occurs.

Problem. A sphere rolls down an incline steep enough that slipping occurs. Continue reading “Rolling With Slipping”

The Benefits Of Children With Pets

Did you know there are 89.7 million dogs and 94.2 million cats currently residing in U.S. households? These statistics are the result of the 2017-1018 American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey. The majority of these homes include children, or children are being planned for the future. There are many benefits for the children in homes with cats and dogs as pets.

Pets give unconditional love to everyone in the household. They don’t judge anyone, but give joy, comfort, love and support. Continue reading “The Benefits Of Children With Pets”

Thermometers and Babies

Its three thirty in the morning and youre awoken by the sound of your baby crying. The crying is loud, shrill and wont cease so you have no choice. You get out of bed and stumble towards your babys crib. Its in disarray, shes thrashing away and youre wondering what the problem is this time. You go to pick her up and notice that her body feels warmer than usual. Is she running a fever? Youll need to take her temperature in order to be sure. You go into your medical cabinet and find the thermometer. Continue reading “Thermometers and Babies”

Of The Steps to the Scientific Method, Which Is More Important?

Well, that question is really rather silly, as they all of the steps to the scientific method are important when performing and investigative experiment.. The problems usually come when one is ignored or not enough attention is paid to that step. It is possible to spend too much time on one while shorting the others. This article will look at some questions to consider so this does not happen to you.

Which step do people spend too much time on?

The focus is always centered on the experiment itself. Continue reading “Of The Steps to the Scientific Method, Which Is More Important?”