What Is the Large Binocular Telescope?

The Large Binocular Telescope is the most powerful optical telescope in the entire world, enabling scientists to see celestial bodies such as planets and stars which are millions of miles away.

This telescope is in the Arizona Mount Graham International Observatory and it is part of a large six story structure which contains a number of optical devices for viewing objects in space. The top ten stories of the structure which the telescope is stored in rotate as to make viewing the sky easier for scientists. Continue reading “What Is the Large Binocular Telescope?”

The Mystery of Time Travel – Fact or Fiction

The Mystery of Time Travel - Fact or Fiction

Time is one of the most strange matters in the whole universe. Time cannot be controlled, it cannot be reversed, it cannot be forwarded. But what if we could do that. It would be great and wonderful. We could change the past,we could change the future. We could do whatever we want. But we ask ourselves again “is it really possible?” Well modern physics doesn’t disallow it. Continue reading “The Mystery of Time Travel – Fact or Fiction”

An Overview Of The Chemical Substance Called Propan-2-Ol

An Overview Of The Chemical Substance Called Propan-2-Ol

Propan-2-ol is a chemical that is also known as isopropanol and commonly called isopropyl alcohol. It is a common solvent and can dissolve a variety of materials like resins, gums, alkaloid compounds, and oils. It is also a precursor chemical for acetone, glycerol, and isopropyl acetate. Indeed, it has various industrial uses from being a dehydrating agent to a preservative. Continue reading “An Overview Of The Chemical Substance Called Propan-2-Ol”

Meters to Feet Conversion Information

Meters to Feet Conversion Information

Both meters and feet are common units of length used in many mathematical statistics. An understanding of each unit of measurement will help one appreciate the application of converting one unit to the other.

The System Internationale or the Metric System

The metric system, as the name implies, uses the unit “meter” as its standard for length measurement. As such, other units of length in the metric system are a multiple or a fraction of a meter. Continue reading “Meters to Feet Conversion Information”

DNA Testing – How Is It Really Used in Our Society Today?

DNA testing is done to get important information or facts about crimes, to prove the guilt or innocence of someone or for tracing family ancestry. It is also used widely for genetic testing and for paternity testing. Given below are the various ways in which it is used in our society today.

Forensic Science

DNA testing or fingerprinting is widely used for forensic science today. This type of test is used to find a suspect in a crime case by using samples of hair, blood, saliva etc. Continue reading “DNA Testing – How Is It Really Used in Our Society Today?”

Rolling With Slipping

This article is a continuation of “Teaching Rolling Motion”. A description of the notation I use can be found in still another article “Teaching Rotational Dynamics”. In the rolling motion article, I analyzed the motion of a sphere rolling down an incline. I assumed no slipping and then determined what condition that assumption imposed on the coefficient of static friction. This article describes a situation for which that condition is not satisfied – so slipping occurs.

Problem. A sphere rolls down an incline steep enough that slipping occurs. Continue reading “Rolling With Slipping”

Of The Steps to the Scientific Method, Which Is More Important?

Well, that question is really rather silly, as they all of the steps to the scientific method are important when performing and investigative experiment.. The problems usually come when one is ignored or not enough attention is paid to that step. It is possible to spend too much time on one while shorting the others. This article will look at some questions to consider so this does not happen to you.

Which step do people spend too much time on?

The focus is always centered on the experiment itself. Continue reading “Of The Steps to the Scientific Method, Which Is More Important?”

Anatomy and Physiology Study – Tips to Pass Your Exams

Anatomy and Physiology Study - Tips to Pass Your Exams

Anatomy and Physiology study can be very difficult. Once the dreaded end of year exams draw closer students start to feel completely overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to revise.

For the most part this tough subject is broken down into 12 body systems;

Cells and Tissues
Muscular System
Skeletal System

Terms, functions, diseases, disorders, definitions….these are examples of the type of things students need to cover on each of these body systems. Continue reading “Anatomy and Physiology Study – Tips to Pass Your Exams”

Animal Science Experiments in the Classroom – Good For Students?

Animal Science Experiments in the Classroom - Good For Students?

It is obvious enough that the purpose of students spending time in the classroom is so that they can learn about the world. By necessity, much of the type of learning that they do must be of a theoretical nature. In other words, they learn about concepts in an abstract way from books and lectures, as opposed to being able to go out in the field and learns things through a more hands on process.

This is kind of hard to avoid, because students in a classroom need to learn about a huge spectrum of different topics, and it would not really be possible to leave the school and go find someplace to learn about each different thing in person. Continue reading “Animal Science Experiments in the Classroom – Good For Students?”

Forensic and Crime

The study of evidence at the place of crime and used in the court of law for legal proceedings is known as forensics.It is any science used for the purpose of law, thereby producing the impartial scientific evidence in court of law for the finalization of justice to both criminal and the victim. Forensic is a multifaceted subject which mainly involves biology and chemistry but other tools like physics, geology, psychology, social sciences are also used.

A typical investigation normally gathers material evidence from the crime scene. Continue reading “Forensic and Crime”